5 Trending Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve SEO for 2019

A company's success depends on the digital marketing strategies used to attract consumers. It's no longer good enough to think of a brand, create a website and wait for people to find you.


Your brand is everything and it is defined by your online presence.


Search engine optimization is a part of every great online action plan. It needs to be done right to be effective. Google and other search engines use hundreds of factors to rank their results. You need to know how to cater to their algorithms to do well.


Don't worry if that sounds like a daunting task. We've got the top 5 trends in digital marketing strategies to make the most of your SEO efforts.

Let's get started!


Local SEO

The internet gives you access to a global audience but that doesn't mean you should forget about your own community. Business listings and directories, networking and other local strategies can help you get noticed by more than just your neighbors. 

Search engines are designed to provide the most relevant listings when a user performs a search. Having a local SEO action plan can help you show up in more searches for more people.


Keywords and Tags

While keywords have been around forever, how they benefit (or hinder) your business has changed. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing as search engine algorithms have adapted to recognize unnatural keywords being shoved into a webpage.


When used in the right percentage and in context, keywords and tags help you get listed in searches for those subjects. Your digital marketing strategies should include research into the most popular keywords in your industry and the creation of a blog that allows you to discuss the related topics. Properly using keywords and tags for webpages, content, media and images will improve your ranking and help you get recognized as a relevant authority on that topic.



Mobile First and User-Friendly

Internet surfers use mobile devices more than computers when surfing the web, which means you could be alienating the majority of visitors if your website isn't a Mobile-First design.

Search engines also recognize that most users are searching from a mobile dev

ice so rank results with mobile first sites taking priority over pages that may not load properly.

Your page needs to load quickly and be user-friendly on every device that accesses it. A delay of just a few seconds can have visitors leave and never come back.


Images and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, even more, if you're talking about your webpage. The images and videos on a website grab visitors attention and can keep them more interested than even the best text.

Users are 650% more likely to interact, engage and share posts with images than just text content.

Videos are a major contributing factor to consumer's buying decisions and can help keep visitors on your website for longer. Giving you more opportunity to make a connection.


Google and other search engines provide image search results for keywords as well as webpage results. This means each image properly tagged for the relevant content on your website provides more opportunities for you to rank and be found by potential customers.


Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

There's no sense spending time, money, and resources on digital marketing strategies that don't produce results.

To learn more about how you can create a digital marketing strategy for your success, connect with us today.


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