7 Fundamentals to Website Branding in 2019

The web is getting crowded with businesses. There are 30 million small businesses competing for customers. Finding your voice is hard among the cacophony of so many others.

Asserting a brand is important in getting your voice heard. The more recognizable your website branding, the better the business.

Establish your voice with these 7 fundamentals.


Design a Logo

A logo is the face of your business. It's the first thing customers see, so it's their first impression. And first impressions make or break businesses.

Get your brand distinguished with a catchy logo that condenses your business' quintessence. It should say everything about your business and what it's about. People have short attention, capture their interest.


Fly Your Colors

Every brand has a color scheme. When you think of Target, you think red. Orange comes to mind when considering Home Depot.

Getting a color for your brand is like a more subtle logo. It's something people can think about when they see these colors.

When choosing your colors, keep in mind that colors themselves have meaning. Each can evoke a different psychological or emotional response.


Pretty Words

A font specific to your brand is another demarcation.

Thirsty? Did you think about Coca-Cola? If so, what did you think of?

Their font.

That curly, swirly, whimsical lettering of Coca-Cola. Font can be just as important as a logo. It's sometimes the first thing people think of when they recall a brand.


Think in Themes

Each website has a theme. It's important to pick a singular, notable theme for your website.

Be sure not to stray from one theme for your business' website. This is very important. Clashing themes is unprofessional and messy.

If your brand has a minimalist approach, go minimal. Your brand might be woodsy - have a nature theme. Just don't go too over-the-top, it can detract from the content.

Layout for Website Branding

This is for strategists. The layout is a very important part of website branding. But it can be tough to figure out how it should be laid out.

Think about what's most important to website traffic. What are these people looking for?

Make that the first thing your customers see on your website.

A bakery's front page should be a menu. A mechanic should have their services on page one.

Don't make the layout too complicated. A tricky UI will repel returning customers.



Part of branding is spreading a good message to the right people. Finding an outlet to get your name out there is as important as your website's content. Be sure to broadcast your voice to a relevant audience.

If your brand is for the younger crowd, get your brand out through social media. An older crowd customer base might like a more traditional advertisement.

Quality over Quantity

Don't pump out content on your website for the sake of filling pages. Your brand needs to have a voice. This voice needs to be something people want to listen to.

It doesn't matter how few pages you have on your website. The content of each page (or single page) should be polished and quality.


A Brand New You

Your website branding should speak for itself.

Your logo, colors, and font need to be memorable. A theme and layout for your website unify your brand. Get the word out about your quality content through the right media.

Brand new to branding? Reach out to us if you need some help.

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