How to Establish Authority with Link Building in 2019

Almost all companies irrespective of their size or stature are at the mercy of Google’s sophisticated yet absolutely simple techniques of optimizing and ranking. Therefore, they spend millions to discover the methods and measures to pivot them up the rankings and receive more virtual footfall. Studies and a bit of hobnobbing with Google experts show that the magical recipe has much to do with backlinks and of course, content. Here is how you can build links like a boss.


01.  Backlinks in a Nutshell

A backlink is an incoming link which is a referral to your site. This is a clear indication that someone has faith in what you say and that your site is worthy of being quoted. If the site talking about you is a credible and respected site that has authority in the said subject, the higher the value of the backlink. The more links to your site, the more votes of confidence you seem to have. These powerful backlinks don’t fall from the sky; your content has to be ultra-special, insightful and interesting to read for people to direct others to you. The world of good and bad in backlinking are referred to as white hat and black hat backlinking. Black hat backlinking is when the links come from spammy sites. White hat backlinking is what you need to focus on. Next are a few link building tactics which you can try out.

02.  Guest Posts

There are many accomplished writers who can create referral traffic to your site through their popular blog posts. You would need to exert some effort to establish a connection with them and convince them that your site is worth being in their anchor text. Once this is done, their visitors and followers will automatically see this link and eventually your site. Next, let’s see how you can convince people of the value of your site.

03.  Use a Timeless Topic

There are some topics which never grow old; therefore, they never seem to be short of viewers and followers. In short, these are highly relevant topics which relate to a problem or an issue faced by all sorts of people who live all over the world. These topics would contain keywords that are often searched for by readers. It is then your writer’s job to play around with those keywords to generate a topic that implies to the reader that one of his problems is about to be solved. 

04.  Create Content that Solves a Problem

Once you have grabbed the attention of these inquisitive readers who want solutions for their real-world problems, it is time to live up to your promise and create relevant content. Avoid replicating information that others display; it could have a gist of what others say but the crux should be unique and truly precious. A few lines in to the article, the reader will know whether s/he should pursue or not, therefore, a handful of the special piece of content has to be in the first few paragraphs. You could include buying links midway in to the article after you are confident of having gained the trust of the reader. Try this out on a sample of friends to know whether you are jumping in to sell too early.

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