How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity on Social Media

Marketers the world over must be greying at the sheer prospect of managing their company’s identity on various platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. It is no easy feat; each of these social media channels have their unique styles, layouts and purposes. Maintaining one’s presence and managing the content on each of these platforms are two unenviable tasks anyway and to deal with their inherent complexities is certainly another challenge. Here’s how you can impress your boss by not just managing but reigning over social media.

01.  Stick to Your Look

Each brand has its own colours scheme, logo, tag line, mascot, font and unique features. Your brand must certainly have all or most of these – stick to them, follow them as if your life depended on it. This will help your audience to recognize and trust the page as one that belongs to your brand. Don’t try to be adventurous by adjusting your colours or fonts to suit the appearance on a particular channel as the results could be disastrous. Any introduction or information about the company should be one and the same; though the length and format may be different.

02.  Help the Audience to Connect

Leverage on the memorable aspects about your brand. This could be an ongoing campaign, a strong punchline, a popular figure used in an advertisement or even a CSR initiative which people would connect to your brand instantly. When one thing is familiar, it helps the human brain to recall other aspects associated with it. Therefore, if there is any aspect of your brand that is memorable or well loved among your target audience, make sure it is prominently displayed on each of the channels.

03.  Say it Everywhere

Each platform has its own loyal user base with a significant number of overlaps across certain demographics. If you want it to sound genuine, make sure you say the same thing on each platform at the same time. Also, those who follow you on Instagram would not be pleased to know that a discount was offered to your Facebook fans but not them.

04.  Repurpose Content

Technically what this means is that you amend your content to suit a different audience and/ or you amend the format or presentation of your content to suit a different medium. This goes hand in hand with 03 above. What you say on Instagram with a picture you could write five paragraphs on Facebook and two lines on Twitter. Nevertheless, make sure the essence of your message is always available across them all.

05.  Stay Tuned to Your Website

Your website is your most well established online presence, irrespective of whether it generates the most sales for you or not. Even someone who never purchases from your website is likely to have visited it, just to get a better idea about your company, the brands, the people who are involved, the type of operation and the ethical background. All your social media channels should be mandatorily connected to your website and vice versa. If there are special deals or extra-large content which you don’t want to publish on each channel, simply add a hyperlink and connect them to your website.

06.  Maintain the Brand Voice

There is a general undertone which people soon recognize and consider to be owned by a brand if used wisely and consistently. Make way for that voice to come out and resonate in the ears and minds of your audience through each medium that you select. This again will help to build confidence and faith that the said page on social media does actually belong to you.

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