What Goes into Creating a Memorable Brand Identity?

Your brand is your business’s face and its personality. It has the power to create that unmissable first impression about the product or the company. As they say, you never get a second chance to create a first impression; you must never take chances when creating your brand. Take that additional time to think through to the minutest detail and create not just a strong brand identity but a legacy that can be carried on for centuries. Here we have listed out some rules of thumb that you can follow in your quest.

01.  Pitch it to Your Audience

Your brand, your product or your company must certainly have a target market; ensure that the brand identity that is created is one that connects easily with your audience. The logo colors, the shape, the tagline, the general appeal should be in line with what your target market likes and relates to. It is only then that they will be comfortable in patronizing your brand and have it at the top of their minds and love it from the bottom of their hearts. Keep thinking of how the brand is perceived by them and keep adjusting until you hit the goal.

02.  Synch it to Your Personality

During the process of branding, the culture and values of your own business need to come out. Brief the branding agencies about what your teams believe in, what they dream of and how they get about their daily work. Then make them understand the brand perception that you want them to create. If what you do and what you look like are very much in synch, it will make sense to the general public and they will think of you more. Building this brand personality would be seen as the first step to walking the talk.   

03.  Match Your Lingo to Your Audience

‘Choose your words wisely’ is good advice you got from grandma. Though she wanted you to practice this with your neighbors when you were growing up, this certainly applies to your customers as well. The messages that you share with your audience have to be consistent, diplomatic and most importantly respectful towards everyone. Run the message through a six-year-old and if it is understood, it will probably be understood by all your customers. Be funny if your audience appreciates humor, steer clear of it, if they are uptight; appeal to their emotions if they are romantic, but leave out mushy lines if they would raise their brows; but don’t forget that almost everyone loves a story – just choose the correct script for your target market.

04.  Catch them Online and Offline

If they see you everywhere they go, they cannot forget you. This will also prove to them that yours is a dependable brand with wide acceptance. Tweak your content to suit social media, print media and other means that you hope to use, but stay onboard to generate a larger impact. If they see you on one medium and immediately recognize you on the next medium, you may be assured that you have done a good job in creating a memorable, consistent and powerful brand.

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